Sunday, January 13, 2013

"It's So Much Nicer Doing Things With You"

Hubby and I are just about done with the bathroom repair project. We just have a few of things left to do, like paint the trim, refinish the bathtub, and put in a few tiles under the sink cabinet. Those things we will save for phase two. But we did a lot in phase one to make it look nicer.

Hubby put in a new ceiling and textured it. He is pretty handy with that kind of thing. We've had plenty of practice repairing drywall over the years, starting with our first house that we bought from a body builder in the middle of a nasty divorce.

We also painted the bathroom a green called Homestead Resort Spa Green. How can I go wrong with a color with a nice name like that? I'd buy it on just the name alone, but the color is pretty too. This time of year, I enjoy the green of the hills around us. I don't know if Homestead Resort Spa Green is one of the many colors of green in the hills, but if not, it should be.

Also our over the toilet shelf unit got a coat of black satin paint. The old silver finish was becoming discolored from moisture. The black, even though the paint was oil based and annoying to clean up, resists rust and makes the unit seem less flimsy. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do to make something look better.

We did the final repair of this phase of the bathroom makeover today. Hubby and I replaced the light switch and changed the outlet to a GFCI and child safe one. Changing the outlet and switch made such a difference in the look of the room. And even better, it will be a lot safer! 

It took a little over a week of sometimes hard work to finish this phase of the bathroom project. But through it, I rediscovered something I had almost forgot. Hubby said, "It's so much nicer doing things with you." He is right. We had been working on too many things apart lately and were starting to irritate each other. This project forced us to work together, even if it was to hold a flashlight or go to the store together to pick out paint. We found out that when we worked on something together, our attitudes toward each other improved. So when Hubby went out today to trim some branches, I went with him and the chore became easier and more fun. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, but I think I'm going to make a belated one this year. From now on, I resolve to work with Hubby more and do less on my own. If I see him doing something around the house, I plan to help him if I can. I think spending more time with him will help our relationship. We are, after all, more than roommates! And life is more fun when done with others.

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