Monday, January 21, 2013

Minor Injury Clinic Visit

Today I went to the Minor Stupid Injury Clinic.

I got two stitches on my forehead for a 1.4 cm cut from a palm frond.

It was a beautiful day in the seventies. While the rest of the country is freezing, Hubby and I were washing the van, cleaning the yard, and doing a bit of cleanup in the garden. I thought it would be the perfect time to saw off a few of the Washingtonia palm branches. They have thorny spikes growing out of the stems. One of the fronds fell on me when it dropped.

Forehead injuries don't hurt much, but they bleed a lot. At first I grabbed a white towel, but then grabbed a red one so that I wouldn't freak people out. Hubby dropped me off at the hospital, which is only five minutes away. He would have stayed with me, but I had something cooking on the grill, the dog was in the backyard, and the kids were outside playing. Thankfully, he cleaned up the mess before the kids could come home to an empty house and blood all over the floor.

I was in and out of the clinic in less than half an hour. I was pretty cheerful through it all. The doctor liked it that I was laughing. But what else could I do? It was pretty stupid of me to cut those branches without a hat on. I knew they had spikes. I knew they could cut me. I just didn't bother. The day was so beautiful. I could only cut a few at a time and went back and forth between projects. I was having a great time working on the house near Hubby. I just wasn't thinking. But I guess most injuries are like that.

Hubby picked me up when I called and we stopped at the store on the way home. The younger kids didn't even notice I was gone for an hour. I was able to assure Mr. I that getting stitches isn't so bad and it didn't hurt. I hope he won't be quite so scared if he hurts himself again. The last time he was almost out of his mind with fear. We talked about it a couple of days ago. He couldn't remember that he swore when he heard me saying he might need stitches. The doctor didn't give him stitches, even though he should have had them, because Mr. I was so upset. It's interesting that we had that conversation about something that happened a couple of years ago, and I ended up having to have stitches right after we talked about it. The timing is interesting. And I may even have a certain nursing student help take the stitches out in five days. So maybe some good will come of all this.

I'm glad that God can make good things out of our stupid mistakes.

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