Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ms. D's Animal Rescue Service

Yes, it's been nearly a full week since Ms. D found an animal loose on the streets, so she was due to find another. 

This time it was a cute little poodle.

We took her to the shelter to see if it had a microchip. A cute, friendly little thing like that must have one right? Wrong. No chip, no collar, no tags. Hopefully the little dog's owner will come to claim her at the shelter, but if not, she'll make someone a good pet. Well, she'll make a good pet after a bath and grooming. She sure stunk on the ride there!

The woman at the desk asked us if we wanted to keep the dog. I told her no, since we have a guide dog puppy already. Ms. D doesn't normally like small dogs, but I could tell she was tempted. She told me that it was a good thing that we took the dog straight to the shelter because she would have become attached otherwise. I talked to her about how it is like when we did foster care. It is good to get attached, because then the child or the dog will learn that they are loved. And even though it is hard when they have to go somewhere else, it is a really good thing to love them anyway.

I wonder how soon Ms. D with find another stray animal? She has a knack for finding them. I told her she should become a animal control person someday. She can spot and approach animals like no one else I know!

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