Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sacrifices for the Future

Today I am thankful for the sacrifices my family is making for each other and for the future.

My oldest son is studying to be a nurse in an accelerated program. It will be one tough year, especially since he has a wife and child. They will have to squeeze into smaller living quarters with family and sacrifice time and money in order to make a better future. Our whole family will need to help them out occasionally, and be an encouragement when times get tough.

My other adult kids are making or have made similar sacrifices to further their careers. Their lives are more difficult now, but they will hopefully reap the rewards of their hard work in the future.

I see a big difference between our kids and my youngest kids' birth family. There, the young adults in the teens and early twenties drop out of school, sleep through the afternoon, and play video games until it is late enough in the evening to do whatever illegal activities they do for extra cash. It's a little frustrating to know that one of their main sources of income is the government, which doesn't give incentives for the young people to get a real job. Why should they work, when they can live much better than my kids, and even us, by working the system?

But in the long run, our kids will be better off. They will know the satisfaction of doing a job well, of providing for their family, and have the joy of accomplishment. They help each other out, and give to others in our community and around the world, even when they have so little themselves. They put people ahead of material things, and know what is important in life. They have good relationships with others and with God.

They are blessed.

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