Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Most Triumphant Meal

According to Mr. I, last nights meal was "the most triumphant." I'm so glad he liked it, but it wasn't the most time consuming meal I've made. In fact I was pretty busy with other things most of the late afternoon and evening. It wasn't the healthiest meal either, but it passed all the growing teenage boy requirements.

I had a busy day on the phone with the bank, school, sick family members, and walking dogs because Ms. D was one of those who were sick. I popped the ribs in the oven just before a neighbor girl came for tutoring. I am filling in for Black Belt Daughter while she teaches taekwando on Mondays. She can't tutor the girl then, yet there is so much homework to be done. It amazes me that a second grader has one to two hours of homework each night, even if she is on task. No wonder the poor girl is exhausted! Halfway into tutoring, I threw some yams in the oven too. When we finished the homework, the girl and I played an Uno card game as a treat for getting everything done. At six o'clock, Microbio daughter came home and I asked her to make some cornbread from a mix. I keep a few mixes in the cupboard for days like this. The girl's mom picked up the neighbor girl at 6:15, so I quickly cooked some snow peas with olive oil and vegetable seasoning on the stove, and grilled the ribs a bit. We set the table and I had five minutes to eat before I had to go to a homeschool meeting. But I made it in time, just before the other women came. Whew! The meeting went well, even though the main leader couldn't make it. I am so amazed by the quality of women who are in our group. I am so blessed!

So here is the most triumphant meal:

      Put either pork or beef ribs in an oven proof dish with at least 2 inch sides.
      Spread barbeque sauce over ribs.
      Put about an inch of water on the bottom of the dish
      Cover with aluminum foil
      Bake at 325 degrees for 2-3 hours until tender
      Remove ribs from dish and grill each side a few minutes, covering with more sauce

 Corn Bread:
      Better homemade, but Marie Callender's corn bread mix is fast and good. I should make up my own mix to save money in the future.

      Wash, pierce, and put them on a cookie sheet or dish so they don't get all over the bottom of the oven.
      Bake with the other things about an hour or so

Snow peas:
      Cook in some olive oil and vegetable seasoning until the desired tenderness. My family likes limp veggies, so I cover the pan for a bit.

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  1. That is the best title for a meal, ever! And yes, I can see why he liked it so much--sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing the "recipes" too.