Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What? Nothing Exciting Going On?

The past few days have been pretty uneventful. Selah.

I almost have to pinch myself. There's been no minor injury clinic visits, illnesses, police interactions, or people walking through our house doing a home appraisal. The house is still fairly clean. The kids are on their best behavior. I started crocheting a baby blanket. There was a beautiful sunset, a painting by God in the sky. I found eighteen eggs today, and they were all good. A test for freshness is to see if the eggs float. If they sink in water, they are still good. I had thought the chickens had stopped laying the past few days because of the cold and rain last week. Instead, they were picking up production. They just started laying their eggs in the nesting box instead of under the rabbit hutch. Imagine that! They used the nesting box that they've ignored for years! And guess what we had for dinner? Omelets!

Last week was like a set of crashing waves. This week is starting out calm. Because of the calm, I am able to catch my breath, to regroup, and to enjoy life. I am able to process some very deep things that affect the way I see myself and the way I interact with those around me. I found out last week that my grandmother had told my mom that the reason her dad left was because my mom was born a girl. How could that not affect my mom's view of herself? And how did that affect my own identity, my sisters' identity? I am realizing that it is easier for me to see myself as a servant of God, rather than a child of God. It's about time that the knowledge of my identity of Christ goes from my head to my heart. It takes time to change and heal. I'm hoping this time of rest will help me to be renewed.

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  1. Selah!

    Praying for many more little and big blessings!