Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes! He Took the Crusts Off!

The other day I was worried that Mr. I was having some sort of anxiety about money. He has been wanting to go to the store just about daily. I've been wondering if he needs some counseling because of past trauma or if I need to reassure him that he will be taken care of.  Do I work on attachment more? Is there something wrong?

Two things lead me to believe that he might be a perfectly normal teenaged boy.

1. He's discovered girls, which explains his obsession with matching clothes. He's even taking regular showers without being reminded.

2. He took the crusts off of his bread. I was hungry during certain parts of my growing up years, so I know if you are worried about when you'll eat your next meal, you don't pull the crusts off. You eat every single bite you can. I remember being almost shocked when a friend of mine cut off the bread at the end of her hot dog bun so each bite had hot dog in it. The wastefulness was beyond my comprehension. Now I rejoice when my kids do the same. Yes, it's weird. Yes, it's wasteful. But it means they don't fear hunger, which is so awesome!

Don't worry, all you frugal friends, our chickens love the crusts. Oh, and I ate part of a burger using some of his larger pieces of crust. Old habits die hard, and I still eat off other family member's plates, as long as they aren't sick. I guess I need more help than Mr. I when it comes to food and money anxiety!

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