Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brewster, Meerkats, and Grandson

Today we went to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

It was the perfect place to take Grandson. He loved the playground equipment the most!

Brewster, because he is training to be a guide dog, was allowed in the park too. He just had to behave himself and stay at least six feet away from the zoo animals.

Brewster did very well. He looked at the Meerkats.

And the Meerkats looked back at him.

In fact, they were really curious and followed the dog when we moved to another window. Brewster didn't look like a toddler in a stroller or anything else they've ever seen!

Brewster got to experience a lot of new things, the smells of zoo animals, the sounds of children's rides, and the sight of some pretty weird looking animals.

After a few seconds of wariness, Brewster learned that those odd animal statues were nothing to worry about. It was really good for him to experience a place like this on a day that was not busy. He actually did better than Mr. I, who had some difficulties keeping from randomly hitting his sister or whining about food. It's not easy for Mr. I to have a change of schedule or go to a place that has been remodeled since the last time he went there. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable time with Grandson and family. We'll have to come again soon!

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