Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Time!

Friday evening my sister came to visit from out of state. It was so good to see her!

I was coming down with a headache, so I was a little foggy brained, but I still enjoyed the visit. I love my sisters. It's so special that even though we live so far away and don't see each other much, we can connect like we saw each other yesterday.

We had pizza, took the kids bowling, and talked!

Thanks, Sister and Bro, for such a great time with the family!

Then yesterday morning, I left the kids at home and went to Happy Hollow with Grandson.
He loved the little puppet show. There wasn't too much to it, but through a two year old's eyes, it was amazing.

Grandson Riding the "Dysonor"
Grandson got to feed the goats.

He was a bit wary of them, even though they were the tamest goats I've ever seen. They weren't anything like these guys!

After Happy Hollow I went to visit a friend and then Hubby and I went to church. I hardly saw the kids all day. What was interesting is that even though I was gone a good part of the day, the kids were pretty attached to me afterwards. It's nice when I have times to recharge and I don't have to pay for it for a week or so in dysregulated behaviors. I am blessed!

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