Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today Hubby is grieving for a close coworker who died late last week. Because Hubby had been out ill for two days last week and there was a holiday off yesterday, he didn't get the news until today. I'll miss his coworker's cheery voice on Fridays, when he and Hubby would have conference calls, trying to solve one problem or another. They made a great team, and were able to do amazing things together.

What's sad is that it doesn't look like there will be any event at Hubby's work to say nice things about the coworker and mourn their loss. Hubby said, "Geeks don't do grieving well, and there's no one to organize events like that." There even isn't an opportunity to go to a memorial service, since the coworker's family requested that things be private.

It won't be the same at Hubby's work without the coworker. He will be missed.

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