Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hiding in a Safe Place

Hubby and I are trying to simplify, sort, repair things, and organize. There may be some changes in the next year or so. But even if there aren't, we need to get things in order. I'm not a naturally organized person to begin with, but some things have slid even more since the youngest kids came into our lives...gulp...nearly ten years ago. If you came into our living room and main living areas it wouldn't seem too bad. But if you were to look in our closets, cupboards, in the garage, attic, or even some bedrooms, I'd be a bit embarrassed. It had been too easy to shove things in corners when life got too crazy, yet the house had to look good on the outside for social workers and visitors. We have ten years of clutter to clean up. We also have home repairs that are almost done, a wall to texture and paint here, trim to put on there. So many times we have had to get things functional, but we didn't have the time to finish the job. After awhile, we just got used to it. We don't even notice some of those things anymore.

So now that life has calmed down a bit, well, as much as can be expected, we are slowly chipping away at those little details. I'm trying to either work on the yard, sort through a box of junk, clean a closet or cabinet, or work on an unfinished project every day. Today it was a just a box. Earlier this week we cut down a bunch of frost nipped plants and I cleaned a closet. If I keep at it, I might be able to get things under control. It won't happen overnight, but the house didn't get this way overnight either.

I have plenty of projects now, but I think when I start to run out of ideas, I'll take pictures. It's amazing how I can think something is fairly uncluttered, but it looks so much worse when I see it in a picture. Just like a photo can add ten pounds to a person, it can reveal a mess that is overlooked. But that's for later. I don't need a photo to tell me what to do now!

I'm really glad that we are cleaning things up. The other day, when I cleaned the closet, I found some adoption paperwork for Ms. D that had been missing. I had put it in a safe place, but forgot where I had put it. I couldn't find the paperwork last year when we were applying for the regional center. I wish I had it. It would have made things much easier if I had the documentation that she had delays before she came to our house. Ms. D had an IEP when she was three and in foster care the first time. She had language delays, which they attributed to being bilingual. Unfortunately, it seems like Ms. D didn't get the speech therapy she needed because she went back to her birth mom soon after. But reading the documentation again, this time knowing Ms. D's IQ test results of last year, reminded me that she had been struggling all along. She's not worse now than before. I'm not making things up, or letting her slide because either of us is lazy, or whatever other thought or fear I may be thinking about. I'm so glad I found the paperwork!

Organizing and repairing things in our home should make life a bit easier. It will be tedious at times, but it will lesson the load. I'm feeling lighter already!

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  1. i thank god the social workers come visit, or else who knows when i'd clean this house! ha ha