Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hungry Kids

Tonight I helped Hubby deliver food donated from Trader Joe's to students, the unemployed, struggling families, the elderly, and group homes. We take it to people and then they pass some of the food on to others that they know. It amazes me how much need there is in Silicon Valley, a place of so much prosperity. I am blessed that we are able to help others in such a practical way. Tonight we had a van full of food. I had a great time visiting with people and spending time on the road talking with Hubby.

The last stop both thrilled me and broke my heart.

One of the people in our route suggested we stop at a group home that was filled with adults and families. Even though it was nearly eleven at night, men, women, and children came out to get some food. I'm used to adults being happy to receive food. I've heard time and again stories of people who were wondering where their next meal would come from. Then God would answer by having Hubby come with good, healthy food from a place they couldn't afford to shop. I'm used to kids getting all excited about pastries and cakes. And I'm used to seeing, on one of our stops, kids newly adopted from Ethiopia getting all excited about yams and meat.

But what touched me tonight was seeing a group of kids, four years old to fifteen, get all excited about chicken and bread; things that were passed over in all the other stops tonight. I could see the hunger in their eyes. They were more excited about the the food than most kids are about Christmas.  It reminded me of a time when I was young and hungry; a time when my dad had just lost his sight. I remember the excitement of getting food, any food, after going without. Tonight, my heart broke for those kids. If they weren't so happy I probably would have broke down and cried. I felt overjoyed and sad all at once.

Hunger isn't just in third world countries. It's all around us, if we know where to look. I am so blessed that we can do something for some of the people among us. And I'm happy we found this home, a place full of kids who are thankful for what others would pass by. May God continue to bless them and their families.

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