Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Not All Bad

It's not all bad. Really!

I just read a blog by a mom who encouraged people to be more real on Facebook. Sometimes we just tell others the good times, the times that we bake the cookies, the children are happily doing their math homework, our house is sparkling, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and everything is going well. We read those things and wonder why we have it so hard. We get jealous. We compare and get depressed. And we wonder what is wrong with us or our families that there are so many challenges in our lives. It's about as bad as when we compare our middle aged bodies at six in the morning to the photoshopped images of twenty year old models. Yes, there is no comparison.

But then, there are others of us that are more open with our challenges and weaknesses. The danger here is that when I focus on the not so nice things, I can forget the positive things that are going on. And others look at me and wonder what kind of crazy woman would ever do what I signed up for. They will never foster or adopt if that's what kind of grief is possible!

But it really isn't all bad.

Today we are having some good moments too.

Mr. I is fixing and painting a scooter, pretty much all by himself.

 We went to the hardware store and the young man who helped Mr. I was awesome. He helped him pick the right kind of sandpaper. And when Mr. I told him the colors, the man said, "Joker colors, right?" That made Mr. I smile. It's good to see him smile after all that's been going on lately.

And now, Mr. I is painting and is happy how the job is going. This is a big thing, since typically something goes wrong and Mr. I gets easily frustrated. He's even considering a career in car painting. Oh, and he can't wait to show Hubby!

So it's not all bad. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kids are happy. I guess it's time to get the house sparkling, well at least halfway decent, for a grandson visit!

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