Sunday, February 3, 2013

Team Hummingbird!!!

Yesterday fourteen women got together as Team Hummingbird in San Francisco's Dirty Girl Mud Run at Candlestick Park.

Before the run
Our dear friend from our homeschool group, Ms. C, has had stage four cancer for a couple of years. The team consisted of some of her friends and family. We love Ms. C!

After the run!
We had a blast! The course wound around the parking lot and in the middle of the stadium. Most of us walked the course in order to stick together. We had a great time talking, laughing, and being silly and happy.

Some of us got muddier than others!

This woman almost threw me in the mud, but another helped me escape!
The mud run was only a 5K, but there were fun obstacles to climb over, through, and under. My favorite was the giant slide, though the rope ladder structure was fun too. We could ring the bells at the top like little kids!

We all made it, even Ms. C, who was on day five of her most recent round of chemo.

Ms. C is just to my right behind me, and her daughter is on the far right.
If you pray, please do so for Ms. C.

We want to do this again with her next year!

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