Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Things We Do for Our Kids

Mr. I is still having a hard time. It's taking him longer than usual to regulate himself after last week's break from school and time with friends. He's been acting more unattached and even sleep-walked last night.

After reading some of the old paperwork I found while cleaning this morning, I remembered how traumatized the kids were when they were little. It's amazing what we forget after nearly ten years. It's also amazing how far the kids have grown and blossomed since that time. But the loss and trauma still affect them deep inside. And as the time of year that they were removed from their birth family approaches, big feelings are bound to bubble up.

So I decided to spend a little time being playful with Mr. I. Yes, we did a little wrestling, even though it was pretty much one sided. He didn't fight back, but he didn't participate either. I reminded him that I love him. And...

This 51 year old woman did a handstand! Well, I was next to a wall so that he would try it too. He didn't. But maybe it will put a little crack in the wall he's put up. I would do a hundred handstands in the middle of the room, if that's what it would take to help him attach and be regulated. The things we do for our kids...

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