Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day? Really?

I wrote this today on my Faceb**k page:

Valentines Day. Today one of my friends is having surgery, and another is recuperating from her injury and surgery a few days ago. One dear friend is fighting cancer and I wonder if this will be her last Valentine's day. Still another friend is taking her son in for tests and is frightened for what she will hear. Some of my friends are going through divorce and marriage crises, and others are longing for a partner. Some look at this day with dread, because circumstances in their lives prevent them from receiving the love they deserve. I pray that the Author and Ultimate Giver of love will comfort all, and surround you with His love.

It was not your typical Valentines Day for me either. It wasn't bad, just different. 

Someone in our family got a mystery bouquet of pink roses on our doorstep today. I found it after dropping Hubby off at the dentist. No one has fessed up, though we have some ideas. It would be nice to know who it is for, though. We have quite a few people who live here. They are pretty, though!

I spent part of the day going to numerous stores for a young man so he could find the perfect Valentine after everything has been picked over. Yes, I told him to do it earlier, but grabbing whatever you can at the last minute is so manly, right? And this young man gets dysregulated during holidays anyway, so you can imagine how it went. When I took him to the final store, he didn't even want to look at the Valentine section. He told me he'd get one of my older kids to take him to the mall, the place I avoid if at all possible. I got so frustrated, I just pushed the cart quickly down the aisles so I could get some distance between me and him. The only problem was that the cart I had chosen had a wheel problem, so it kept banging. LOUDLY! And the faster I pushed that cart, the louder and faster the banging. The kids, and everyone else in the store, knew exactly where I was going. Bang BANG! Bang BANG! All the way to the milk aisle! Fortunately, Mr. I calmed down after that and thanked me for taking him out.

I helped Blackbelt Daughter with her tutoring so that she could work at her taekwando studio. After dinner, I visited a friend in the hospital. It was good to see her, even though it brought back some difficult memories from last year. When I came home, I spent some time watching a mindless TV show with Mr. I and Microbio Daughter. It was good to unwind, especially since I've been fighting a headache and it's difficult to see. 

This Valentine's Day was such a great time to love. I had so many opportunities give to others. It wasn't always easy to do so, but it was good. I couldn't give to everyone I wanted, yet I was able to show love to a few. It can be easy to feel neglected, when it seems like others are showered with gifts and attention. But after seeing so many people in the hospital tonight, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.  I was able to come home to my family, when so many others are stuck in a hospital bed. I was able to bless a few people today and hopefully make their lives a little better.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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  1. Yep--there was too much tragedy going on all around me in the world yesterday, and my own petty grumbles and peeves to boot. I'm glad I did not expect the day to be full of love for me--that knowledge helped me look at love just from a God point. And that love is always with me. : )

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!