Friday, March 8, 2013


Ten years.

Ten years ago today we brought two little kids into our home.

Even though they were three and almost five, I could pick both of them up at the same time.
Ms. D wanted to be a police dog when she grew up. Mr. I was always right behind. They were cute, but they were a handful!

We had a bit of a rough start, but we did things to help them attach, to help them become part of a family. We played lots of games, including the bubble game. I would be right there across from them, blowing bubbles, so that they could look in my eyes. They really liked that game!

I'm not reminding the kids today about the significance of this date. They've had a rough week. Maybe they know in their hearts anyway that it is the time of year when they were taken from one home and brought to a stranger's one. It isn't the happiest event in their lives.

But I'm treasuring this anniversary. I'm so glad Ms. D and Mr. I are a part of our family. 

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