Monday, March 11, 2013

Basic Needs

I let the kids sleep in this morning. The time changed, and the kids are still recovering from colds, so I spent the time processing some things in my life and listening to some short videos by Dr. Karen Purvis and Michael Monroe. One of the things they mentioned was about every person's needs, whether or not they are adopted.

"Every child needs to know they have a voice.
Every child needs a balance of structure and nurture.
Every child needs a deeply satisfying emotional relationship where they can flourish.

Even her elderly father...
Needs to know he is precious
Has a voice
Needs to have his needs met
Is protected
To know that he mattered"


Please check out the link.
It will affect how you see your children, how you see others, and how you see yourself. It may even change your parenting style or reinforce what you've been trying to do all along.

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