Friday, March 8, 2013

Dirty Hands

I don't know how female mechanics could ever have girly hands.
Today I changed a headlight in the Prius, and my hands look pretty beat up and dirty.

In this picture, you can't see that I scraped my wrists and hands trying to get the bulb changed in such a small space. It was so cramped, I can't see how man hands could possibly get in there. Mine barely fit! You also can't see that I had washed them a couple of times during the process so I could look up how to change the bulb on Youtube. My hands look and feel even worse in real life.

But it was worth it! It cost less than ten dollars to do the job. Fortunately, we had the cheaper lights for our particular car.  Other lights would have cost over $115 each for just the bulb! I am so happy I could do it myself and the light works!

I should celebrate by giving myself a little manicure!

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