Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter!

You wouldn't know it if you saw G**gle's home page, but this is the biggest holiday in the Christian calendar. He is risen indeed! Or as some of our relatives from from Iowa and Minnesota would say, "He is risen!""You betcha!"

You would see that it is Easter by the people getting together at the parks and at the beach. You could see it by the cars lining the streets as families gathered for dinner. And you could see it in the packed churches.

Hubby and I left the kids at home and at their churches, and went to church with some other groups in The Gathering. At lunch there, I sat at a table with a bunch of doctoral students. I kept thinking about how weird it was to have a great conversation with people my kids' ages who were so educated. Did they realize they were talking to a college dropout, stay at home mom? Fortunately, everyone likes to talk about their interests, and these people are passionate about so many awesome things. I had fun listening to their stories.

Afterwards, Hubby and I went down to the beach. I wasn't the only one walking barefoot with my best skirt. I bought the skirt months ago and didn't have a place to wear it, but today was just perfect. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it. I don't have a picture of me, but I do have one of Hubby.

It was fun walking around Santa Cruz, people watching. The surfers were having a great time, people were walking their dogs, and bicyclists shared the pathway with people walking and enjoying the view. There was one young woman who had a tortoise with a big, pink bow around it for Easter. She carried it around in a basket when she wasn't letting him walk next to the pathway. We didn't see the Superman guy with the bike, but we did see the World Peace truck. It was blaring "What the World Needs Now" and sporting pictures of Mother Teresa and posters asking for donations of shoes and clothing for the Navajos. What century are we in? Santa Cruz really is weird. Weird and wonderful!

When we got home I checked for eggs in the nesting box. Our chickens produced some real Easter eggs.

They didn't lay them under the bunny cage like last year, but they are pretty.

I hope all of you had a great Easter! He is risen indeed!

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  1. He is risen indeed!

    Happy Easter! (I don't think you can ever say that too belatedly, right?)

    And how fun to see you in Santa Cruz for the day (well, here on your blog that is). We rarely get to celebrate Easter here with our church, because we spend most holidays with my in-laws. we had a fun weekend, but it was so busy and Jesus sure gets pushed off to the background. The most meaningful time we had all weekend was at night when the kids were trying to settle down in their shared bunks and I would turn out the lights and talk in a low voice about what had happened that day 2000 years ago--what the disciples may have been thinking, where Jesus's body was, etc. Not only did it help the kids transition into sleep, but I really thought they were connecting with the story when we did that, there in the dark with no other distractions. But it makes me sad to have to squeeze Jesus in on His Resurrection day! That and all the plastic crap--oh, the crap. Sigh. ; )