Monday, March 25, 2013

Nice, Safe, and Drama Free Zone

I just read a teaser about a post coming tomorrow from a fellow homeschool mom. It is about "How to be a drama free mama." Because the post hasn't even come out yet, and I haven't had a chance to say I agree or disagree with what she is going to say, I feel free to share what my first thought was after reading the title. What I write here is not a response to her blog post, which will probably be full of awesome advice, but a question that came to me after reading her teaser.

The question is, are we called, as Christians, to live a nice, safe, drama free life?

Think about it. Are we called to live a life in our big suburban homes, shelter ourselves from the world, and live a nice, ordered life with our perfectly behaved children, and be surrounded with plenty and peace because God is a God of order and beauty? Or are we called to give up these things, to get our hands and feet dirty in the trenches, and purposely put ourselves in the midst of the broken, the orphan, the sick, and the poor in order to bring God's love to where they are at.

Are we to avoid drama? Or are we to embrace the drama of others to bring healing to a broken world?

When we brought our two youngest children into our home, we traded our rights to be a nice Christian family in order to love children who shocked the other parents in the Sunday School class. We have had drama in our lives because instead of running from those who cause drama, we are running towards them and loving them where they are. I know people who have traded their nice suburban McMansions and families in order to live in the inner city or in a Third World country. I know a few who have given all they have to help the poor, and others who work long hours to help the homeless, the mentally ill, and the outcasts. There are some who spend their vacations, not on some warm beach resort, but by digging wells in Africa, or doing dental work for people in Central America.

So am I called to create a nice, safe, drama free zone here on earth? Or am I called to something better?

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  1. As I thought, the blog I referenced was not talking about a drama free zone in the angle I went. Here is a link to the blog which I completely agree with.