Friday, March 29, 2013

Officer Robert Pays a Visit

Today we had another scare with Ms. D.

Hubby and I walked to the store to pick up a few things. Ms. D needed to walk the dog after she fed him. We thought that we would see her on our walk. We didn't.

Microbio daughter did see Ms. D while she was coming home early from work. Ms. D was next to a car, hugging some guy. The guy drove off when they saw Microbio daughter turn around.

We got home soon after and Hubby called the police. The call was transferred to the non-emergency dispatch after Ms. D told them that she had seen the guy a few times in the neighborhood and liked him. The problem we had was that she didn't know how old he was and he didn't know she was only fourteen. She didn't know his name, if he went to school, worked, or anything else, yet he was a cute guy she let hug her. This kind of thing happens with teens, but even more so with kids with FASD.

Officer Robert came by later and helped a lot. He spent over an hour with her and helped her to see that  she needed to keep safe. He told her how a thirteen year old girl was found at a nearby hotel just this morning, drugged and sold for sex. He told her to not talk to certain people in the neighborhood who cause problems and to call him if she ever was in a bad situation. He talked to her as a police officer and as a dad, and she liked it! She said she normally doesn't like the police, but she said this one was one of a kind. I was worried that Ms. D would be so afraid of the police because of her previous encounter that she wouldn't call for help if she ever needed to do so. So what started as a difficult situation, is turning into a blessing. Officer Robert is amazing!

So tonight, Ms. D feels protected. Ms. D feels loved. Ms. D is connected to our family. What could have been a really bad thing is turned to good. We are blessed.

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  1. I'm so glad your feelings after this incident are so good--may the good continue to overwhelm the bad! Officer Robert sounds like a true Godsend.