Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sister Night Out!

Microbio Daughter won a couple of front row tickets to a Maroon 5 concert from Mix 106.5.

Did she sell them for some extra spending money? Did she go out with a friend?

No, she took her little sister!

Owl City was first. People took out their phones and iPods out for the Firefly song.

Then came Neon Trees.

And finally, to the delight of thousands of screaming girls...

Maroon 5!!!

Ms. D taking a picture of Adam Levine.

Yes, they were just a few feet from Adam Levine!

The girls said that Adam was as nice in concert as he is on The Voice.  Ms. D loves to watch that program, so this concert was perfect for her. Microbio Daughter said the musicians were as good or better live than they are recorded.

It was a stretch for Ms. D. She doesn't do well in crowds and almost refused to go, even though she liked all three bands. They went early to adjust to the environment and get to their seats before there were large crowds. Ms. D settled down as soon as the music started and had a great time.

When they came home, Ms. D was excited and happy. It was a good bonding time for the girls. I'm so glad that Microbio Daughter took Ms. D for a sister night out!

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