Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Hike

Many of my friends in the Midwest are digging through snow or pumping rainwater from their basements. We are enjoying perfect weather here in California. Although I'd love to have a little snow every once in awhile, like on Christmas Day, the weather rarely cooperates with my wishes. So I prefer to live in a place with no snow than to have snow in April. April is for planting and mowing lawns, not shoveling sidewalks. Here in San Jose we only have three seasons. It's as if winter was cut out of the circle of seasons, spring and fall were joined, and summer stretched out. We have fall colors for Christmas instead of snow, and flowers bloom in January. And today we had dry summer weather for our homeschool hike in the hills above San Jose.

A Few of the Homeschoolers
Mr. I and Ms. D didn't go with me. They were coming down with colds and were grumpy.
I didn't know that Mr. I wasn't feeling well until he took a nap this evening after dinner. He never takes a nap unless he is sick, especially when he could be playing with friends. When he went to sleep, I realized where the grumpiness came from. I'm glad there was an explanation for the way he was acting. I was beginning to worry something else was up with him. I'm learning that if Ms. D and Mr. I behave badly there may be something important that they are hiding from me. I was beginning to worry this morning.

The kids don't normally like hiking, and so I was preparing myself for a lot of complaining. But they were grumpy even before they knew about the hike.  I wasn't up for a fight, so I told them they could stay home and do homework while I went myself. I'm glad I did!

It was a beautiful, warm day. It was actually a bit too warm, but there were places where the path was in the shade. I was glad to have been able to hike before all the grass turned brown.

We saw some wildflowers, a deer, and a hawk. We heard little animals scurrying in the grass and small birds in the trees.

Looking toward San Jose and San Fransisco Bay

 We hiked for about two hours to the top of a hill and back down again. We had beautiful views of the city.

Overlooking Our Neighborhood

I was able to talk with some of the moms, though I couldn't share all that has been going on because there were kids within earshot. It was good to enjoy the beauty around me with some friends.  I'll probably be sore tomorrow, and it was a bit odd to go without the kids, but I'm so glad I went on the homeschool hike. 

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