Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camping in the Desert

We camped each night on our Arizona road trip. Hubby and I have camped on almost all our vacations, so we have the equipment and knowhow to have successful camping trips. We keep most of our supplies in large bins that are exclusively used for camping, so we rarely forget to bring things like a can opener or matches.

Brewster is waiting for the OK command so he can eat. The bins are in the back.
This trip was a bit more difficult, though, because we had Mr. I, Ms. D, and the puppy to contend with, yet we didn't have the older ones with us to moderate things.  Ms. D does not like to get dirty and she understandably hates pit toilets. She is a homebody and doesn't like to go to new places, even those she would normally enjoy after a time of adjustment. Because of this, we made our first and last camp of the trip at a familiar campground. We have camped at Rainbow Basin near Barstow, CA a number of times. It doesn't have "flushies", or flush toilets, but it is quiet, clean, and fairly close to town in case we forget anything. It is also about seven or eight hours from our home, a good driving distance for a long trip.

Our Campsite at Rainbow Basin
 Mr. I does great during the day. He loves to make fires and explore. Unfortunately, because of past trauma, he is pretty uneasy at night. This trip we had the kids sleep in the van with the dog, so Mr. I felt more comfortable. Unfortunately, the change in routine was too much for him, so he kept Ms. D awake the first night by picking fights with her. They kept waking me up with their shouting before they finally settled down. I'm glad we didn't have close neighbors. Fortunately, they both settled down after the first night so we all got more sleep. By the end of the trip they were great campers.

The people at the guide dog group weren't sure if they should let Brewster camp in the desert, but he did even better than the kids. He loved the new smells, being with the family in tight quarters in the van, and meeting new people. The weather for most of the trip was fairly cool, so we didn't have to worry much about him overheating. He was a happy camper!

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