Monday, April 29, 2013

Hug a Saguaro and See a Chain Gang

While visiting Birth Dad near Tempe, AZ, we found a great campground, McDowell Mountain Regional Park. 
Hubby "Hugging" a Saguaro at Our Campsite
The campground was perfect for the kids' visit to their birth dad because it had "flushies" and showers. The kids were able to primp to their hearts' content before seeing their dad. I took advantage of the shower too, and was surprised that the desert air dried my hair in minutes. 

There were great hiking trails all throughout the park.  Hubby and I walked with Brewster in the morning, before the kids awoke and the weather got too hot. 

There were flowers and birds everywhere.  The birds, especially the quail, were pretty loud with their spring mating calls. The woodpeckers loved to bang on the metal on the electrical outlets at each campsite. At night we heard coyotes. The desert is a pretty active place this time of year!

 On the way out, we passed a Maricopa County chain gang. Some of the guards were sipping cold drinks while watching the women prisoners clean up on the side of the road. I sure wouldn't want to be working out in that heat in those outfits. I wonder if it deters crime? I know I'd think twice about breaking the law in that county!

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