Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If a 51 Year Old Grandma With a Broken Shoe Can Do It...

Last week we also went to Sedona, Arizona.

It was so beautiful! And no, I don't think I went to any of the vortexes, at least not on purpose. I can pray anywhere.

We went on a hike to Cathedral Rock.

First we played near the river for a bit. We crossed over the stream on stepping stones.

Brewster learned to swim and enjoy water.

Then we ditched the kids when Ms. D started to complain while hiking on the flat ground. They stayed at the river while we hiked ahead.

Soon after, the sole of my shoe started flopping.

Should I continue on? Well, I'll go as far as the steep part and wait for Hubby there.

Oh, but I'll go a little farther. It looks so fun!

I made it to the top!

With a broken shoe!

I didn't go near the edge like Hubby. I didn't want to risk tripping and falling over the side of the mountain!

I wondered how it would be to go down, but I did just fine!

I found out that I could do a lot more than I thought. I was sure my knees would hurt from the climb. If a fifty-one year old grandma could hike up Cathedral Rock with a broken shoe, just about anyone could do it!

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  1. You are awesome!! Love you two love birds!! You are so amazing! *HUGS*