Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not Again!!!

Last night I came home from a meeting, made some tea, and was thinking about the future of our homeschool support group. I was a bit discouraged by a low turnout, but the changes planned in our family for next year will affect everything we do. I needed some time to reflect and discern what path I should take.  

But within ten minutes, a neighbor knocked on our door. I had ignored a car speeding down our street, but the neighbor was concerned. A few of the neighbors have seen a man in a car that has been spending a lot of time casing out our house, peeking in the neighbors' cars, and speeding away when someone approaches. Oh, and guess what? The car matches the description of the car that sped away when Ms. D was caught hugging a guy a week and a half ago. So now we are worried, the neighbors are worried, and we still don't know anything about this guy. But he knows where we live and where our daughter lives.

Ms. D wasn't didn't want to talk to us, but she did talk to Blackbelt daughter. We thought that it was enough to occasionally check on Ms. D when she asked to go to her friend's house. But somehow, Ms. D has been able to sneak meetings with this young man. She took advantage of my sprained ankle to walk the dog with her friend and meet with him. She ignored our warnings of safety and kept doing what she wanted to do. 

Living with a teen with her judgement affected by FASD is certainly not boring!

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  1. Oh, that is so scary. I will pray starting right now that God protects her from this guy. And protects the rest of your neighborhood too!