Saturday, April 27, 2013

Road Trip!

I'm back!

Some of you may wonder why I've been so quiet here. The reason I haven't written is that Hubby, Ms. D, Mr. I, Brewster, and I went on a one week road trip to Arizona. Our two oldest daughters held down the fort while the rest of us had an adventure.

Since I drove about twelve hours yesterday and seven today, I'm pretty wiped out. Tonight is for unpacking, doing laundry, and visiting with Grandson! I enjoyed a nice warm shower, the first in days of sponge baths and cold water. I plan to go to sleep early, on my own soft bed instead of the thin pads in a tent. So this evening I won't write much about our trip. But starting tomorrow I'll write more of our adventures, including a visit with the kids' birth father near Phoenix, beautiful desert plants in bloom, climbing up a steep path in Sedona with a broken shoe, and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. I'll write about camping with kids from hard places who don't enjoy camping, praying for flushies, meeting a friend in an out of state National Park, and how our ten month old guide dog puppy did in our travels.

We had a good trip, but it is great to be back home.

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