Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm wheezing after running, walking, and sneaking behind a teen aged girl who has proven herself untrustworthy. I found out today that Ms. D has been seeing the guy in the car for nearly a year. She doesn't know much about him, yet she feels it's just fine to hug him. Her reasoning is if he hasn't done anything in a year, he should be pretty nice. And why shouldn't a seventeen year old live away from his parents? Because he's not really seventeen? 

So this afternoon, when Ms. D said she wanted to walk to the store with Ms. M, Hubby and I trailed behind them. Ms. D has to earn our trust back and until then, we will check up on every little thing she does. This parenting thing is harder this time around. But at least I'll get some exercise out of it!


  1. This is one part of raising kids I am glad is in my past!

  2. So glad Ms. D has you for parents!!!!!