Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday, Kid Stuff, and a Really Special Picture

Three topics, one post. 

It would have been better to separate this post into three different ones, but it's getting late, Hubby is in bed, and I really should be there also. Of course, my life isn't easily separated into neat sections, so you may as well see it all at once, as I experience it. 

Yesterday one of my daughters-in-law had a birthday. Some of us got together to eat Chinese and celebrate today. I love the women my sons have married. They are my girls! We also had a great time with Grandson. Mr. I did pretty well, but he acted sick afterwards. Time will tell if his illness was because of too much excitement, or if he is really ill. 

Ok, now for the kids stuff. Ms. D seems more attached this week, but Mr. I less. I'm wondering if in our effort to get Ms. D more on track, we have neglected Mr. I. There are a few things that are troubling me, like when a neighbor came to me with some concerns about how Mr. I has been acting the past few weeks. Usually he's able to hold it together outside the family, and I'm the one to receive the brunt of his dysregulation. He must be feeling pretty bad inside if he acts out in public when I am not with him. I'll have to do a little bit more sleuthing to find out the source of his distress.

And finally, a high school friend posted a picture that means so much to Hubby and me. It is of the art teacher and classroom that Hubby and I first met. I was just turning fourteen when we were in Mr. William's art class together. I have a hard time remembering and picturing the past, so this photograph is very dear to me. 

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