Monday, May 6, 2013

Guide Dog Puppies at the Fire Station!

The guide dog puppies had a typical preschool fire station field trip yesterday!

I went with Hubby and Microbio Daughter to the airport fire station. Ms. D wasn't feeling well so she didn't go.

The puppies were able to experience loud jet noises, and see water sprayed from the trucks.

The puppies got to see the firemen and their equipment, even the air mask!

Hubby enjoyed wearing the fire suits and petting puppies!

I wonder if any of these puppies will end up being arson dogs. Many of the dogs used in arson detecting come from guide dog puppies that have been career changed.

Every puppy did awesome, and didn't seem bothered by the alarms, noises, and smells.
Brewster just didn't want to wear the stupid hat.

But Nellie didn't mind a bit!

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