Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ms. D!

Ms. D made it to fifteen!

Happy Birthday! 

Even though she's given us a few scares the past few years, she is still doing much better than her birth family at this age. 

Her friend, Ms. M, gave her some flowers, some brownies, and cards from her and her little brother and left them at the doorstep on the way to school. I gave Ms. D some money so she and Mr. I could go to the mall while I helped their sister get her car fixed nearby. It was a stretch for me to let them go by themselves, but I figured Mr. I would keep an eye on his sister. He did, but also begged for me to buy him some shoes. Whose birthday is it anyway?

Later we went out to eat with her friend. It was hard to get a picture of Ms. D. She's at that age when we have more pictures of her hand or in a blur than not. But we all had fun, especially when her friend asked the waiters to sing the birthday song to Ms. D. Oh, it's so fun to embarrass a teenager!

And easy too!

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