Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sister Visit!

Because of the kid drama and headache, I didn't get a chance to tell you about one of my sisters' visit the other day. She and her husband come to town a few times a year. The kids love to spend time with them!

We had pizza at our usual place. The whole family was able to be there! It's hard to get everyone together, but we did it! Hubby and I came late because of the refi signing. When we got there, Ms. D, Mr. I, and his friend were sitting apart from the rest of the family. It fit with the way they've been pushing the family away lately. But I chose to ignore that snub, and my sister's husband sat with the kids. He is so good with them. They love their Uncle P, even though they don't like Hubby and me so much right now.

After we ate, my sister, Blackbelt Daughter, her boyfriend, and I went to a coffee shop for some tea while the rest of the family went bowling. They had a great time, especially with Uncle P! I had a good time talking about college and graphic art, well more like listening to the others talk about art, since my sister and Blackbelt Daughter's boyfriend are both graphic artists. It was completely different than my world of kids and FASD drama. It was a good to hear about a world that doesn't include troubled teens, even for an hour or so.

So the sister visit was a success. It was good to have a fun time as a family.  I love them all!

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