Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Grand Canyon

I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time last week. It really is more awesome in person! I had tears in my eyes. Even Ms. D, who was trying to not act impressed, let a little gasp out and took pictures!

The first day, we decided to hike down into the canyon for a little bit. The kids didn't want to hike, and we had Brewster, so Hubby and I ditched the kids at the rim and walked down about a mile or so.

It was so beautiful!

We had a little slushy hail that kept the dust down. I expected the weather to lower people's spirits, but it was like a party! People were congratulating each other on how far they hiked, asked where they were from, and were so pleasant. I stopped and listened to the sounds, and I could hear laughter and happy greetings down the trail. We met a group of people from Canada and Thailand.

They taught us a Thai greeting. The next day, we saw them at an overlook! We learned that they were from the Hmong people, the same group our church had helped teach English to over thirty years ago!

We also met a friend from San Jose! We had heard she was somewhere near us, but the Grand Canyon is a pretty big place. Our chances of finding each other were slim, since we didn't have each other's phone numbers.

Mr. I and Hubby walked below the rim the second day.

They had a great time!

There was so much to see!

 Ms. D didn't go below the rim, but she enjoyed looking at the view with Brewster.

 I think Brewster helped her to be calmer.

Brewster did very well!

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