Thursday, May 2, 2013

Through Ms. D's Eyes

Ms. D wasn't too happy about going to Arizona. Much of the time, she was grumbling about wanting to go home. But I could see glimpses of interest when she would bring out her camera, or hear a little gasp as she saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. I asked Ms. D to send me her favorite pictures from our trip. By looking at what she sent me, I can see what she thought was beautiful or interesting without her having to verbally express herself. With these pictures, I can better see through her eyes.

Grand Canyon 
At the campground that is familiar to Ms. D


More Grand Canyon

Visit with Birth Dad

Brewster at a campground. He had fun running around with a long leash!

Brewster at the Grand Canyon

Another Brewster Picture


I love this picture of Ms. D and Brewster. It really wasn't on the edge, but it sure looks like it!

Another Brewster Picture

Brewster after playing in the river.

Ms. D liked the Thai ladies more than I thought. They were very sweet.

Ms. D was able to handle changes better with Brewster at her side!

Grand Canyon

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