Monday, May 20, 2013

Whispers at Night on the Phone

I finally figured out why Ms. D was sleeping so much this past year. It wasn't because she was ill. It wasn't because of the seizures. It wasn't because of brain changes because of FASD.

No, I caught Ms. D talking very softly on the phone to someone at 12:30 am. How much do you want to bet it was Xander, the "seventeen year old" heart throb?

I woke up, not because I could hear her, but because of bad stomach pains. As I tried to get back to sleep, I noticed the hall light on. It was when I got up and quietly turned it off, that I heard the soft murmuring in her room. At first I was afraid that Xander was there, but it was only Ms. D and the puppy that we are taking care of for a few days. I turned off her light, told her to stop talking because she needed her sleep, and quietly stayed outside her door for an hour to make sure she wouldn't start up again. Ms. D might think that I thought she was talking late at night to the puppy. She may not have noticed that Hubby took her iPod off the internet this morning. It will be interesting to see if she will confess first, or if we have to draw it out of her. The deception has to stop, one way or another. It's not good for her, Mr. I, or for our family.

This morning Hubby's moving around before six woke the new dog. Ms. D had to get up and care for the puppy. Before this, I had tried to be sensitive to give her enough sleep in the morning because I thought her sleep problems had a physical cause. Now that I know she was sneaking in late night conversations, I won't be so accommodating. I just wish it didn't take me nearly a year to figure it all out.

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