Monday, June 24, 2013

Battling the Blues

I tend to be able to hold it together during a crisis and then fall apart when the worst is over. Last week's crisis was bigger than most, so it's no wonder my emotions are all over the place today.

To fight the blues, I am trying to focus on some of the good events of the past week or so. Like today, I was in the middle of a crying spell when a friend called. She then took me out for a short trip to the store for some company. I lean more towards the extrovert end of the spectrum, so being with a friend and hugging my W*lmart lady cheered me up a bit. I know I haven't been the best company lately, so I'm thankful for a friend that can lift me up when I fall. She knows what I need, even when I don't know what would help. She is a blessing.

I am also thinking of the family times we had last week. It would be easy to just focus on the negative, but there really were great things that happened.

Our family had a picnic on Father's Day.

Even though at the time I didn't know what last week would hold, it's as if God knew I would need to start off with a good family time. I am amazed at the wisdom my older children have and the encouragement they are to me. I doubt I could have made it through such a difficult time without them. I am blessed.

There were more good things that happened last week, but it's getting late. I still need to catch up on sleep after many sleepless nights. Sometimes all that I need to change my mood is some rest, so I'll finish this up tomorrow. Tonight I will try to focus my mind on the love and support of family and friends. I'm feeling better already.

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