Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friends to Cheer Me Up!

I have been a bit sad lately. I'm having a bit of a crash after a crisis. I usually can hold myself together when things are tough, but after the dust settles I fall apart. When the kids are all sick, I take care of them, but as soon as they start to feel better, it's my turn. The same goes for emotional turmoil. Things are going pretty well right now, better than they have for a long time. But after dealing with some pretty difficult situations, I'm worn out. 

An interesting thing is happening though. As soon as I feel the urge to cry and have a pity party, someone cheers me up. Hubby has been helping me with things around the house, took Ms. D out for a date night, and gave me some beautiful flowers TWICE this past week or two! 

The kids have been giving me lots of hugs. Mr. I washed the cars. Yes, he did it for money to pay back his oldest sister, but he did some work! The older kids have done things for the younger and have lessened my load. Friends have called, stopped by, or have even taken me out of the house to go on errands with them. Others have encouraged me online. They have all helped me to get through a pretty tough time. They have reminded me that I don't have to go through anything alone. They have cheered me up and reminded me that not all is bad. 

I am blessed to have such caring friends and family. 

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