Sunday, June 9, 2013

Homicide on the Birth Family's Block

I was looking at our neighborhood crime stats for the past month. I look at the map maybe every other month to see if there is a rash car break ins or anything else to be aware of in order to keep us and our belongings safe. I was pleasantly surprised that our neighborhood was pretty boring. We only had someone rummaging through the recycle bins and a couple of cars were dumped by one of the main roads on a bus line. Not too bad.

I then decided to check out the birth mom's neighborhood. On the police map, I saw that there was a homicide on the birth family's block the night before last. I couldn't find any more information. No names or details were in the news yet. But I immediately wondered if the birth family was involved in some way. I worry for them. I have reason to worry. I wish I didn't.

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