Saturday, June 15, 2013

OK, Down, Up a Little, Down, Down, Worse, Up!

Hey! Things are looking up this morning! How about that!

Hubby woke Ms. D up early this morning to help deliver food. She got ready with a great attitude, even though she only got about six hours of sleep. She and Microbio Daughter had gone to the movies last night, so she got back late. This morning, she cheerfully took care of Brewster, played with him, and got ready to go with Hubby.  There was no grumpiness, no arguing, no pushing the parents away, no negativity. This isn't the same girl that I've lived with the past few weeks years.

I can't tell you how happy I was to see Ms. D's big smile as I waved goodbye to them as they went off to deliver food. I know there will be ups and downs with any teenaged girl, especially with one who has gone through as much as Ms. D. But I'm enjoying the good time today!

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  1. I am catching up on my blog reading after being away and having company--and I was so sad to see how you have been struggling, and yet so happy at the little blessings, like people cheering you up, or this newest post about a good day! I'm praying for you all right now, that the good days increase. And that there are always enough little blessings to get you through. : )