Thursday, June 13, 2013

Women's Brains, Men's Brains

Hubby and I just finished watching a video by Mark Gungor about marriage. I'm not one for marriage seminars, especially Christian ones that get down on the men for not communicating like a woman. This video was a real change of pace and funny too.

One of the things I have gleaned from this video was about the difference between men's and women's brains. There is a difference between how Hubby and I are handling the stress of raising the youngest kids. The difference isn't bad. He can distance himself emotionally, but I am having a harder time doing that. Neither of us is crazy. We are just different.

So what did we do this evening? Jim stayed home to decompress in quietness (the kids were with friends), while I went out with a friend and talked. I was able to express my fears, disappointments, confusion, and more with someone who didn't feel the responsibility to fix me. It's good for women to talk.  I can be a much better wife if I don't impose my stream of verbosity on the poor guy. Hubby really appreciates and encourages me to go with friends. Isn't he sweet?

I'm glad we watched the video together. Sometimes it's good to have these kind of reminders!

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