Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amazed by the Love a Sister Shows

I am amazed and thankful for the love that Microbio Daughter has shown to Ms. D! She has entertained her, counseled her, and took her many places. She has helped Ms. D to feel a part of the family.

Yesterday the sisters and Brewster went to the Guide Dogs for the Blind fun day. Microbio Daughter drove seventy-five miles each way.

Brewster got to meet some of his siblings!

They bought a toy for Brewster!

While there, they saw some dogs in the kennel area play in a kiddie pool. Ms. D wanted one for Brewster. So Microbio daughter went all over San Jose and Morgan Hill last night with Ms. D, trying to find a pool. That shows a lot of love!

All of my bio kids have stepped in and helped with the younger ones. They have shown love to Mr. I and Ms. D, even when it has been difficult. We are blessed to have such awesome sons and daughters.

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