Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brewster the Therapy Dog

Brewster, our guide dog puppy in training, got to play therapist at the clinic today. Ms. D had a group meeting with some other teens. She had told the other teens about her guide dog, and wanted to me to bring him to the waiting room so they could see him as they came out of their class. Fortunately, we can bring Brewster to places other dogs can't go, because he is in training and has his jacket. I didn't know how he'd do, but Brewster did wonderfully! He sat in front of the girls as they touched his soft fur and ears. He didn't jump or become too enthusiastic in greeting the girls. He behaved like a therapy dog should. I watched as one girl became more relaxed as she stroked Brewster and saw the unconditional love in his eyes as she waited for her mom to pick her up. I thought of how he has calmed my own teens the past few weeks. He knows who is hurting and then sits by their side. He has been a blessing to our family and to the teens today. And I'm sure he will continue to be a blessing as he grows, in whatever career he ends up with.

Brewster relaxing after a day's work!
Good job, Brewster!

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