Monday, July 15, 2013

Competing with Job

I really don't want to compete with Job in the Bible, but it seems like I'm going through a time when I could really give him a run for the money. I thought I have had as much heartache I could handle. I was wrong. I have been given more.

I don't understand why there is so much drama at once. I don't feel like I am handling it very well. I'm distracted, foggy brained, and am having a daily headache. It's difficult to focus on anything, let alone worship or any kind of brain work. Grief is such a messy thing, and I feel like a mess lately.

There is one thing I can hang onto though. None of this would hurt if I did not love my family and friends. If I open my heart to love, I also open my heart to loss. But it would have been a greater loss to have not opened my heart to love.

So I love. I grieve, but I still love. And my life is all the more richer because I love.


  1. : ( I can't comprehend, so I'll just pray.

  2. we hurt because we love, but our love is so deep that we would be far less fulfilled without such depth of emotion.