Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Your Face

Every day, I have little reminders that my kids have special needs. Most of the time, the behaviors are so subtle that I forget I'm making accommodations. Maybe I'm just so used to making those accommodations, they have become routine and familiar. I'm able to prevent some behaviors, or at least adjust and prevent any spiraling.

Other times the behaviors are in my face, extreme, and leave no doubt that my kids struggle with an alphabet soup of letters caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol and early childhood trauma. It is in those times that I feel sad, discouraged, and worried. 

Today was one of those days. Ms. D had a minor procedure at the doctor that was no worse than a dental filling. I didn't have much time to prepare her, since there was only about two hours from the moment I emailed the doctor and the procedure was done. I'm thankful for the quick response of our medical system, and the efficiency of being able to send pictures online to the doctor, but it may have been too quick for Ms. D. It was a difficult experience. The doctor used words, like abrasion and injection, that Ms. D wasn't able to understand. As she was about to receive a shot, she almost jumped off the chair. It was so difficult for her to make it through something that an average fifteen year old would have no problem at all. 

I hope Ms. D will get the support she needs in life. 

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