Monday, July 22, 2013

The Amazing Race Begins

Microbio Daughter Amazing Race has begun!

She has an interview in Seattle for a job she has been dreaming about for years. Was it a challenge to get there? Yes. Wasn't it expensive to get airline tickets at the last moment? Yes. But it sure is an adventure!

The trip would normally have been a relaxing long weekend with visits to relatives in the Northwest. Instead, it is a day full of travel from San Jose, to San Francisco, to Seattle, and back to San Jose. 

Why the rush? The only other person who could do her current job responsibilities was in Alaska last week, so a Friday interview was out of the question. So they agreed on an interview today, Monday. Then her employer got notice that the power was to be turned off yesterday, and Microbio Daughter had to make sure that all the microbes were safe. She had to work with the electricians Sunday to switch all the refrigerators, freezers, and incubators to generator power and back again. She didn't know how long the process would take, so she made her airline ticket for early this morning. 

We woke up around three in the morning to get Microbio Daughter to the airport. I came home just as the sky began to lighten. Thankfully, her plane arrived early, and she rented a car to go through rush hour traffic. Surprisingly, she made it across Seattle with an hour to spare before her interview.  That city is known for its traffic jams, so this was a small miracle. 

So now, while she is doing her challenge, I am waiting. The Amazing Race has begun.

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