Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm Back!

I've been quiet here for over a week. No, I didn't fall into the sea, though we did visit it. Our family went on a vacation to visit the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

View from the in-laws' farm

I was able to truly relax and recharge, even though we were quite busy with visiting relatives and sightseeing. Ms. D and Mr. I had a taste of farm life, which included being able to drive!

Oh, I have already written more about our vacation than what Ms. D has written for her first day of school! Even homeschool kids can't get out of the writing prompt, "What I Did on My Vacation." I had to do the same when I was young and so do they!

We are starting our homeschool today in the midst of unpacking and cleaning. I have a ton of mail to sort through, bills to pay, and laundry to do. We got a late start this morning because we arrived home at 11:30 last night and I was to wired on caffeine and driving to fall asleep right away. I can't find the math book, and Mr. I is about to wake up at eleven o'clock to Hubby hammering. But I am determined to get some schoolwork started!

I plan to write more in the coming days as we settle down in a rhythm and I collect pictures from the other people on our vacation. But now I have to get some things done!

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