Monday, August 12, 2013

Sister Adventures

I was at my limit last week. Well, I was stretched past my limit, and the whole family realized it last Sunday when I had a meltdown. I needed a break, and Microbio Daughter stepped up to the plate. I got the rest I needed while she entertained the younger kids. I am so grateful!

She took Ms. D and Mr. I to a 49ers game Thursday night while I got to play with Grandson at home.
They had a great time! So did I!

Friday night after a long day at work, Microbio Daughter took Ms. D and Brewster on an impromptu beach trip to see the sunset. 

Afterwards, they went on a hill in San Jose to see the city lights.
Ms. D loves sparkly things!

Yesterday, they went to church in the morning and on a hike in the afternoon.

They also have had campouts in the living room for the past two nights.

People had been telling me I needed to get away for a bit because of the events of the past few months. I knew, and everyone who knew me could see, that I needed some respite. Yet I have had so much work to do at home and didn't feel comfortable leaving the teens. I suppose a lot of moms feel the same way, even the ones who have typical kids. The pressures of life happen, yet we feel guilty for taking a break.  But there is a reason God gave us the Sabbath. We aren't made to work and worry all day, every day. Microbio Daughter's help enabled me to get rest. She gave her time and energy without me asking for it. Her gift has helped me, and has helped her little sister. 

I am blessed.

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