Friday, August 16, 2013

What a Week!

This week was a roller coaster, with beautiful highs, terrifying falls, and unexpected turns. We had a child who did some dangerous things, who also ran out of the building during a therapy appointment, yet was calm and regulated by the end of the week. I was blessed with a daughter in law, friends, daughters, and therapists who talked to my teen and reinforced what we parents were saying, even when they didn't know the whole story. The change of behavior and attachment has been amazing.

I had another teen who was disappointed we couldn't send him to a private school at this time. He seemed to take the news better than I had anticipated. I am amazed by the maturity and insight he has had lately. He even made some chocolate covered strawberries for the family this afternoon after a hard morning of taking care of children who woke him up with their screeching.

All this happened while we were preparing for a vacation, planning for the coming school year, watching extra children, and getting the house and garden clean, repaired, and organized. We also took friends and family to the airport for early morning flights, and stayed up much to late talking about life. This week was full of anger, fear, love, avoidance, and difficult choices. I had migraines and insomnia, and had to eat a dinner alone at a park and pray with friends one evening to keep my own sanity. We had a gamut of emotions and experiences, yet it is all working out in the end. I haven't handled everything perfectly, yet others have filled in the gaps. There are parts of this week I'd rather not repeat. But if those events can be used to teach and keep my children safe, then it will be worth it.

This week been a crazy ride, but it is ending more peacefully. I am so ready for our vacation!

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